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Our Story

Pit master Esaul Ramos began his journey as a backyard griller who eventually found himself rotating briskets in Austin, Texas. After a few years in Austin, he called me up to partner up with him and finally put our high school dreams of barbecueing for a living into action in our hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Without investors or suit and tie types from the bank willing to give us a shot at a lease, we decided to push forward and put our pennies together. After months we finally caught a break at our location on 2731 S. WW White. We took on the remodel of the restaurant ourselves, while hosting a series of pop ups to generate some cash flow. Everything you see at 2M, from the fence post tables, to the Smokehouse it’s self, were done by hand by the both of us, with some help of our family and friends.  With funds running low and our pop-ups coming to an end, it seemed like we would never open.

After what seemed like an eternity of months, late nights, hard work, and lots of faith, 2M Smokehouse officially opened up December 3, 2016.

The 2M name is a tribute to our grandparents Ignacio Márquez, and Joe J. Melig Jr.

For us, family has always been important and will always come first. There is nothing in the world like spending time with our family and friends around the dining table over a great meal; our dream was to extend an invite to everyone to share in that feeling of joining our family to enjoy the food we prepare fresh daily. Here at 2M Smokehouse, all of our items are made in house daily and with the same love we have for our family and friends.

Join us at the dining tables at our restaurant or place a pre order to enjoy our barbecue from the comfort of your home, and taste the love we pour into our food to spread the joy of good times and happiness to share.

Thank you for your support and for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Hours of Operation / Pickup Time: 10am - 2pm

One Bird

$125 Serves 5-6

•3 Pounds of meat (3-4 pounds)

•4 pints of sides, pint of gravy, and one dozen Martin’s potato rolls 

Two Birds

$250 Serves 10-12

•2 smoked turkey breast (6–8 pounds)  

•4 quarts of sides, quart of gravy, and 2 dozen Martin’s dinner rolls. 

Additional meats may be purchased

Whole Brisket- $130

Whole Turkey breast- $110

Whole pork butt- $72

Whole rack pork ribs (10-12 bones)- $45

Side options: Sides may be purchased in pint ($7.25) or quart ($12) sizes only. 

•Mashed potatoes 

•Corn bread pudding

•Mac n cheese

•Bacon Green Beans