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Hours of Operation / Pickup Time: 10am - 2pm

One Bird

$125 Serves 5-6

•3 Pounds of meat (3-4 pounds)

•4 pints of sides, pint of gravy, and one dozen Martin’s potato rolls 

Two Birds

$250 Serves 10-12

•2 smoked turkey breast (6–8 pounds)  

•4 quarts of sides, quart of gravy, and 2 dozen Martin’s dinner rolls. 

Additional meats may be purchased

Whole Brisket- $130

Whole Turkey breast- $110

Whole pork butt- $72

Whole rack pork ribs (10-12 bones)- $45

Side options: Sides may be purchased in pint ($7.25) or quart ($12) sizes only. 

•Mashed potatoes 

•Corn bread pudding

•Mac n cheese

•Bacon Green Beans